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Drone Detection Radar

Concern about #droneintrusion ?
Install anti-drone radar on your site

On the 7th of April, 2016, The UK Airprox Board reported the first ever drone interference. The drone hit a A320 British Airways plane as it was approaching Heathrow.

Recently, there has been more and more incidents involving unmanned aerial vehicles (such as - drones, quadcopters, UAVs). They breach the security of airports, defence sites, landmarks, open space public events, etc. There has even been cases of intrusion at private property, this violates people’s private lives. In these cases the drones were equipped with GoPro equipment or even professional cameras, to spy on individuals in their homes.

A strong concern regarding UAVs is they carry the threat of being used by terrorists. Most drones are fitted with cameras (live stream in many cases), but they can also carry a small cargo payload that could be an explosive device.

Due to very small dimensions and high maneuverability, the drones are extremely difficult to detect.
Radar DDR-76 operates at 76 GHz or at a wavelength of 4 mm, catching the returning signal from a variety of drone small parts.

Drone ready to fly

All-weather Drone Detection 24x7

ELVA DDR-76 radar (76 GHz Drone Detection Radar) was designed to match drone flight characteristics and shape.

Fast detection

Detects air sector, then activates precise target tracking

No false alarm

Distinguishes a drone from other small flying object (birds, kite, balloon, etc.)

4+ mm resolution

Operates at 76 GHz / 4 mm wavelength, enabling it to detect very small parts of drones

Long range

DDR-76 range is up to 3 km / 2 miles depending on the antenna size

Simplified licensing

76 GHz band (E-Band) is license-free in many countries

Instant integration

Could be integrated with other security systems